[ANN] Active4D has reached v7!

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[ANN] Active4D has reached v7!

Aparajita Fishman

Active4D v7.0r1, the ultimate web development environment for 4D, has just been released. This is a feature and bug fix release, enhancing overall stability and improving logging to help you debug more easily.

Key new features in v7:

• The NTK shell has been substantially rewritten. New features include:
                • Support for gzip compression of responses with NTK 3.1+.
                • Support for HTTP Keep-Alive.
                • Dynamic allocation of listeners.
                • Better error handling and conformance to the HTTP specification.

• Active4D now has the ability to do it’s own request logging! If you are using virtual hosts, an On Request handler, or NTK without another web server in front of 4D, you will definitely be interested in this.

• Posted JSON data can now be parsed directly into the form variables collection.

• Both Tickcount and Milliseconds now return a C_REAL representing the time since Active4D started up and will never overflow to a negative value (at least not in our lifetimes!), eliminating the need for extra code to deal with overflows.

• Completely rewritten, massively improved support for Sublime Text 3.

All v7 users are *strongly* encouraged to upgrade, as this version contains important bug fixes (and some great new features). Active4D v6.4 licenses that are up to date do not need to purchase an upgrade, but a new license key must be requested via email. Upgrades from previous versions can be purchased online.

For more info:

https://www.aparajitaworld.com/active4d/ <https://www.aparajitaworld.com/active4d/>

Many thanks,

  - Aparajita

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