[ANN] Active4D v6.3r2 released

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[ANN] Active4D v6.3r2 released

Aparajita Fishman

Active4D v6.3r2, the ultimate web development environment for 4D, has just been released.

This version makes it easier than ever to deal with posted JSON data. v6.3r2 added full 64-bit support on OS X, support for 4D v15r2 on Windows, and the ability to abandon individual sessions from the session monitor.

Active4D v6.2 implemented custom session handler support, allowing persistent session storage in the database or on disk. A predefined session handler that provides database storage is included.

Active4D v6.3 is a free upgrade for those who purchased an Active4D v6 upgrade or original license (*not* a renewal)  since v6.2 was released last September. Upgrades from previous versions can be purchased online.

For more info:


 Many thanks,

  - Aparajita

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