[ANN] Active4D v7.0r6 released

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[ANN] Active4D v7.0r6 released

Aparajita Fishman

Active4D v7.0r6, the ultimate web development environment for 4D, has just been released. This is a feature release that enhances the QUERY BY FORMULA command.

Note: If you are using QUERY BY FORMULA, you will probably want to start using the * form of this command. Please see the documentation for more info.

Thinking of upgrading to v7? Active4D v6.4 licenses that are up to date do not need to purchase an upgrade, but a new license key must be requested via email. Upgrades from previous versions can be purchased online.

For more info:

https://www.aparajitaworld.com/active4d/ <https://www.aparajitaworld.com/active4d/>

Many thanks,

  - Aparajita

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