BLOB stored in session gets deleted

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BLOB stored in session gets deleted

I set up an upload form to upload two pictures. I take the pictures, upload to blob and store the blob in the session. This worked for a while, but now it doesn't work any more. I recently began to put the $attributes collection into the session, too, and I think the problems began since I made these changes. I had the $attributes (form text fields) stored in separate session variables before.
When I look at the contents via a4d.debug.dump session, I see the two picture blobs with the appropriate content. Then, I let the user make changes to his input etc. and in the dump on the newly loaded page, the two session variables with the blobs show 0 Bytes. All other session variables are untouched.
Now the strange thing is that sometimes, maybe one in 30 cases, it still works and the contents of the session BLOBs are not lost. But it's 1 in 30 cases at best.
What could be the problem here?
Thanks a lot!


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