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First of all, let me apologize for not responding to the messages
people have been posting. For some dumb reason my account was set to
not receive mail from this list, so I thought there had been absolutely
no traffic since day one!

In any case, I would like to respond to something now:

> I've just had a look at the Mantis bug tracking system, and it is very
> helpful. The one thing that is not clear though is which version of
> Active4D any particular bug is fixed in. Does the fact that a bug is
> "resolved" mean that you have resolved it, or that it is resolved in
> the currently shipping version of the plugin?

"Resolved" means I resolved it in the version/build I am working on. In
the future I will make sure to add a note in the resolution that
indicates the version/build in which it was fixed.

This brings up another issue. If you submit a bug report or feature
request, please be sure to fill in the version and build. So the
current version is 2.1, build is b6.


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