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Handling data update submissions

David Wright-9
Hi all,

Using Active4D v5.0r37 on 4D Server v12.5 on Mac.

I have a directory in which companies can have records for each of their products.

I want to provide a web page where each company can log in and see its own records, edit the fields in each, delete records or add new records.

However, I don't want them to have access to change the actual records. I want them to compile all their changes and submit them, after which one of our editors can review the changes and update the records as appropriate.

Some years ago I did something like this by having a parallel 'sandbox' table with a duplicate record set so customers could mess about with them to their heart's content. However, it occurs to me that there must be a slicker way, maybe using collections and BLOBs, or some such wizardry. I need to be able to store and use the corrected record data they suggest for future reference.

I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of the best solution, please?

Many, many thanks - and enjoy the World Cup!

David Wright

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