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Request formatting problems with Apache

Peter Jakobsson-2

I’ve been having quite a challenging time preparing a large web system for a v14 launch for the last 3 months.

Most things are now dealt with but one issue remains doggedly persistent, though thanks to some great work by Rob Laveaux we do finally have one deployable configuration in the form of NTK 254.

The problem is that requests forwarded by Apache to 4D on the secure port appear badly formatted, however it isn’t clear to me whether the problem is in Apache or 4D Web server.

We are using ports 8080 and 8443 (SSL) for serving in 4D to receive Apache’s forwarded requests. The reason I’m still worried about this is that the requests appear to be well formed when I capture them from in the NTK-based shell code, but not in the 4D Web Server shell code. This makes me think that it’s 4D Web Server and not Apache, however if I take Apache out of the loop or forward on a non-secure port the request is ok.

We do not want to launch without some redundancy if possible as this is a very big system and we’ve always had both 4D and NTK options available.

Could it be that NTK is simply “cleaning up” the badly formatted request before the shell sees it or something ? If not, what could account for the difference between the ‘good’ NTK request and the ‘bad’ 4DWS request ? (Or the good browser request when Apache is out of the loop).

This is perplexing me right now and it’s too low level an issue for me to debug. If anyone has any ideas that spring to mind I’d be grateful to hear them.

Here’s the screenshots of the annotated requests concerned.

Many thanks !


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