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Web development: SVGLayout javascript library - looking for feedback

Tom DeMeo

As a longtime 4D/A4D developer, I thought I would invite anyone on the A4D discussion list to take a look at a javascript library I've developed that is now available as an alpha release. It is called SVGLayout.

Probably the most tedious part of web development is the layout and positioning of elements. Those of us who do both 4D and web development know how much faster and easier it is to build a form in 4D, with its drag and drop form builder interface. CSS would be tough enough to use if there was just one browser to support, but with inconsistent rendering rules across browsers, it can be painful.

SVGLayout provides a drag and drop alternative scheme to CSS based positioning. Relative positioning is replaced by coordinate based, absolute positioning.

The basic premise is that the SVG support in web browsers provides the building blocks for drawing of rectangles and drag and drop. SVGLayout creates an overlay which maps SVG rectangles to HTML elements, providing a drag and drop positioning mechanism right in the browser.  Visual front to back (z-index) positioning and a new architecture for managing resizing events is also included.

For anyone interested, please take a look and let me know what you think. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is an alpha release, so please let me know if you find anything needing attention for either the site or the library.

The library will be available under the MIT License.



Tom DeMeo
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