session values not created on session start

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session values not created on session start

David Ringsmuth-3
Windows 7 SP1
A4D 6.1r4
4D Stand-alone or 4D Server
Source or compiled

If have a block of code that creates some session arrays. It runs without
error in a script that creates an html document.

When I move that block of code into the Active4D Library into the method:
"On Session Start", and then invoke a new session, the session arrays do not
get created. It's seems that "On Session Start" is not running.
        Array Text($Locations_Translation;0)
        List to array("Location_Translation";$Locations_Translation)
        $SOA_n:=size of array($Locations_Translation)
        Array Text($Locations_Abbvr_at;$SOA_n)
        Array Text($Locations_Name_at;$SOA_n)
                end if
        end for
        set session array("Loc_Abbvr_at";$Locations_Abbvr_at)
        set session array("Loc_Name_at";$Locations_Name_at)

David Ringsmuth

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